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Is your child about to enter puberty and start her first period? This charming picture-book will answer all your child's questions about her changing body. This picture book is an educational book to teach adolescent girls ranging 8-12 years why women menstruate and why we use sanitary products. The picture story is told through the daughter and how her mother teaches her "why the moon visits girls" for their monthly period. The loving mother answers her daughters questions over the years until her daughter has her first period. Now they share a deeper connection because they share their monthly menstrual cycle together using the cloth pads that Mother has made for them. Our story, Moonbox, tries to bring awareness to young girls about their choices in sanitary products but the main focus is reusable sanitary products.

Our story features an illustrated medical book depicting internal female anatomy. Proper names and terminology are used for body parts such as "vagina" and "vulva". Our girl guide also uses full medical terminology and an illustration of the internal and external female anatomy. Parental guidance suggested.

Moonbox includes:

  1. Parental guide (pages 35-40) will give parents and guardians all the information needed to have a deep informational discussion regarding menstruation with your girl as well as answer any questions you may have regarding your child's changing body.
  2. Girl Guide (pages 42-43) to mensuration
  3. Question and Answers (44-46)
  4. Sanitary Options (48-60)
  5. Her Hygiene (62-67)

Written by Liz Carruth and Illustrated by Vrushali Sarwate