ChicoBag Reusable Facewear Mask with Carry Bag

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- Snug Fit To Improve Safety & Breathability: Flexible metal nose bridge removes a common air gap found in lower-quality masks

- All-Day Comfort: Adjustable ear loops and optional ear-saver clip to prevent irritation and discomfort

- Includes Containment Pouch With Carabiner

- Tested and Certified to EU standards For Community Facemasks

- Replaces 547 Single-Use Masks Throughout Its Life

- PFE Rating of 72% at .3 Microns 


Layer Materials:

- Inside Layer: Made of soft, upcycled woven cotton
- Outer Layer: 100% knitted polyester


- Mask: 5.75" x 11.5"

- Pouch: 5.5" x 5.7"

Care Instructions:

- Machine Wash & Hang To Dry

- Responsibly Made in Cambodia (Click link for more information on ChicoBags website)