Designs by Fur • Geode with Air Plant

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Keokuk Quartz or Calcite Geode measuring 3-4” in diameter with an attached Tillandsia. With proper care, your air plant will thrive on the geode. This lovely combination makes a gorgeous living statement piece to brighten up any space. And would be the most unique gift for that plant and crystal lover in your life. 

Caring for your Air Plant is easy! 

These low-maintenance plants require no soil (!) as they receive their moisture and nutrients through their leaves. Their root structure is for anchoring, and over time, could do so onto to your crystal. Mist your plant once every week and keep in a bright and sunny spot. Within a few feet of a sunny window, covered porch, or a bright LED is best. During the hot summer months avoid direct sun, this would fry your plant.

And don’t worry, each new friend will include an Air Plant care sheet for reference.

Please note, each geode is natural and unique. The photos are an example of what you will get and the most likely plant species. Part of the fun is pairing each plant with the perfect crystals to create a very special piece. No two are alike!

Gift wrapped ready for someone super special (or yourself) in earth friendly packaging.

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