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Reusable Cloth Pantiliners

  • 3 Pack
  • Mini Liner
  • Thong Liner (can also be used as a mini liner)
  • Luxe Liner
  • Mini & Luxe Liner
  • Fold up for storage
Made by Party in My Pants!

Product Description

These cloth liners are reusable, washable, ultra-thin, and ideal for light menstrual flow. Liners can also be used for lightdays, daily discharge, or in combination with a menstrual cup or sea sponge for added protection on your heavy flow days.

These pantiliners feature a cotton upper or cotton-flannel upper, breathable nylon leak-proof shield & nickel-free plated snaps. If you live in a warmer climate the cotton might work best for you.

Comes in a variety of fun patterns and colors.


fabric cotton or flannel
sizes Mini or Luxe or NEW! Thong!

mini - ideal for small brief, bikini, or large thong

luxe - ideal for those who prefer a more generous panty such as boy cuts, full briefs, or large bikinis

thong - this unique design features two sets of snaps which create the tapered shape and also help keep the Liners more securely in place. Thong Liners can also be worn as Mini Liners simply by leaving the second set of snaps unfastened.

Product Videos

Party in My Pants: 9 sizes (00:39)
http://partypantspads.com Your PIMP pad collection is customizable to your flow & underwear. Each size has different dimensions and absorbency. We suggest starting your collection with 2-3 pads in a couple different sizes. Try one of our Kits and test a variety of sizes to find the best fit for you. Get a PIMP Prescription for a point in the right direction. Just answer a couple quick questions and you'll get a customized recommendation.Some women find that they like lots of different sizes in their collections for different days, flows and underwear. However, most women find that they really prefer only 2 or 3 sizes and stick to those. If you start out your collection with a Shebang Kit, you probably find that not every size is your favorite but trying them all also helps you decide what you do like. Then when you decide to build on your collection, you'll know exactly what to stock up on.Cloth pads are such a personal accessory that only you can know what's best for you. We try our hardest to give the best advice and point you in the right direction but finding your perfect fit can sometimes take some trial and error. Starting out with cloth pads can be super exciting but we really recommend capping your first order at 3 or 4 pads. That way you may only end up with 1 or 2 pads that might not be perfect for you instead of a whole bunch.
  • Party in My Pa...
    http://partypantspads.com Your PIMP pad collection is customiz...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wear Party In My Pants?

Party In My Pants cloth liners are worn just like conventional pads with wings. Instead of adhesive strips, PIMP pad wings have snaps that fasten around the base of your underwear. Just remember to always place your liner flannel or cotton side up and nylon side down.

What if I need to change my liner when I'm not home?

Party In My Pants fold up securely into individual (and super stealthy) carrying pouches. With the absorbent side face up, simply fold in the top and bottom and snap the wings together. Your liner will stay safe and clean until you can wash it. This is also a perfect way to carry your clean liners and many women keep a spare PIMP in their bags just in case.

How soon does it need to be washed?

Some women think that a pad must be washed or rinsed as soon it's taken off. We've found it unnecessary to sprint to the washer or sink. It's perfectly okay to wash your liners whenever you happen to do laundry next – even if that's several days later.

Can I use cloth pads for incontinence?

Sure. Party In My Pants liners can be used for stress incontinence when small amounts of urine are released. Stress incontinence may be caused by pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause and occur when coughing, laughing, sneezing, or exercising.

What's the difference between the Flannel and Cotton pads?

Cotton vs. Flannel is largely a matter of personal preference. Some women find they really like just Cotton or just Flannel, while others find they like both equally. Some women find they like Cotton for certain days and prefer Flannel for others. The Flannel is a little bit cozier than the Cotton, while the Cotton is a little bit smoother and ever-so-slightly thinner than the Flannel. If you live in a warm climate, you might prefer the Cotton since it's less prone to trapping body heat than the Flannel. In terms of absorbency, they're identical. We suggest trying one of each to see which you prefer.

I wear disposable pantiliners for daily discharge. Can I use cloth liners instead?

Absolutely. For any purpose you might use disposible pads or pantiliners, Party In My Pants Pads or Liners can be used instead. These Liners come in handy for menstrual and non-menstrual needs alike: daily discharge, urinary incontinence, after sex (especially when a spermicide or lubricant is used). Basically, if you have fluid or moisture you want to keep off your under things, Party In My Pants has you covered!

Do they leak?

Party In My Pants have a waterproof bottom shield that protects against leaks. They have a specially designed high-tech nylon – not PUL (Polyurethane Laminate). This nylon is a breathable fabric with a special hydrophilic layer that allows your body to breath while stopping your period from leaking through.

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