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Female Health Tinctures

  • Female Health Tinctures
  • Black Cohosh Root Herbal Tincture
  • Chaste Tree Berries Herbal Tincture
  • Don't Cramp My Style Herbal Tincture
  • Ebb & Flow Herbal Tincture
  • Flashing Woman Herbal Tincture
  • In Balance Herbal Tincture
  • In The Mood Herbal Tincture
  • Kiss Off! Cold Sore Remedy Herbal Tincture
  • Mystic Moon Herbal Tincture
  • Pelvic Power Herbal Tincture
  • Turmeric Root Herbal Tincture

Product Description

Simples - single herb tinctures

ht-black.jpgBlack Cohosh Root

Provides nutrients which support the production and use of hormones, easing PMS and menopausal symptoms. Useful for nerve pain, menstrual pain, headaches, arthritis, asthma and bronchial spasms. Reduces irritability, promotes sleep and steadies nerves. A few drops before meals eases digestion. Please note: Do not take Black Cohosh Root if you are pregnant. 1 fluid ounce.

ht-chaste.jpgChaste Tree Berries

Enhances menstrual regularity by nourishing the pituitary and influencing the interplay of estrogen and progesterone. Reduces PMS and menopausal symptoms, endometriosis, fibroids, hormone related acne and digestive disturbances. This tincture is slow acting and may be taken every day. 1 fluid ounce.

ht-turmeric.jpgTurmeric Root

Recommended for the pain and swelling of arthritis, and the prevention of Alzheimer's. In the liver, it stimulates the flow of bile and breaks down cholesterol. It is used to prevent blood clots and to treat digestive and liver related ailments. Don't take Turmeric Root if you are using Coumadin, have bile duct blockage, painful gallstones or a history of stomach ulcers. Pregnant women should avoid using Turmeric as it is a uterine stimulant. 1 fluid ounce.


Blends - multi herb tinctures

ht-dont.jpgDon't Cramp My Style

This natural source of progesterone relieves menstrual and muscle cramps, brings ease to the pelvic organs and calms nerves. This blend is a powerful muscle relaxant and also relieves painful arthritic conditions. Contains 1 fluid ounce: Black Haw Root, Cramp Bark, Wild Yam Root, Skullcap leaf, Red Shiso leaf.

ht-ebb.jpgEbb & Flow

Regular use of this formula reduces spotting and menstrual bleeding, eases PMS symptoms, replenishes the blood, builds energy and soothes runaway emotions. Contains 1 fluid ounce: Chaste Tree Berries, Wild Yam Root, Lady's Mantle, Yellowdock Root, Red Shiso leaf.

ht-flashing.jpgFlashing Woman

Cooling, calming, heart and liver nourishing herbs. This blend eases hot flashes, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. For women of all ages. Do not use if pregnant. Contains 1 fluid ounce: Chickweed, Motherwort, Dandelion Root, Root Beer Plant, leaf and root, Red Shiso leaf.

ht-inbalance.jpgIn Balance

Boosts energy, liver and cardiac functions. Stabilizes digestion and blood sugar levels. Useful in the treatment of Diabetes. Promotes hormone production, reducing PMS and menopausal symptoms. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Contains 1 fluid ounce: Roots of Black Cohosh, Dandelion, Dong Quai, American Ginseng, and Red Shiso Leaf.

ht-inmood.jpgIn The Mood Libido Enhancer

This exciting blend contains herbs that are natural aphrodisiacs for men & women. Daily use of this tincture can reignite passion, desire and sensation! Can also heighten & intensify sexual orgasm. Who wouldn't want that? Contains: Ashwagandha, Dong Quai, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Morindae, Psoralea Corylifolia, Ginseng, Chaste Tree Berries, Nutmeg & Red Shiso Leaf.

ht-kissoff.jpgKiss Off! Cold Sore Remedy

Prevents and treats cold sores, fever blisters, shingles, and oral or genital herpes outbreaks. May be taken internally or applied topically. Already have a break out? For maximum effect we recommend also using our Kiss Off! Herbal Salve. This tincture contains a powerful blend of Lemon Balm, St John's Wort, Gotu Kola, Burdock Root, Olive Leaf, Red Clover, and Sage Leaf extracted with certified organic pure grain alcohol, and Shiso leaf. Please note: This tincture contains St. John's Wort which may reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

ht-mystic.jpgMystic Moon

May be taken for years to regulate menstrual cycle, alleviate cramps, reduce or eliminate PMS and menopausal symptoms. Also promotes clear skin and reproductive health. Invaluable for women in all phases of life. Please note: Raspberry Leaf can stimulate contractions in pregnancy. Contains 1 fluid ounce: Chaste Tree Berries, Red Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover Blossoms, Red Shiso Leaf.

ht-pelvic.jpgPelvic Power

This unique blend of herbs has been formatted to tighten the uterine ligaments. This in turn strengthens the bladder and rectum. It supports the return to normal health of any scarred or damaged connective or muscle tissue. Useful in the prevention and treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Contains 1 fluid ounce: Astragalus, Dong Quai, Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Lady's Mantle, Red Raspberry Leaf, Saw Palmetto, Red Shiso Leaf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take herbal tinctures?

Herbal tinctures are taken internally by mouth. We recommend mixing a dropperful in a cup of tea or water. Or add a dropperful to a sip of water and take in one shot.

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Product Reviews

  • Mystic Moon changed my life!

    Posted by Tiffany H.

    Mystic Moon Tincture is simply wonderful! Within about 10 minutes of taking it I had significant relief from menstrual pains. I had been using a loose leaf tea which helped but it's obviously not very portable. The tincture is so convenient to just carry in my purse. I like to mix it with juice or lemonade.

  • Better than any medicine!

    Posted by Alex

    I've been looking for an all natural, earth-friendly way to get rid of my woman pains and this is the only thing that works! Midol and Ibuprofen work temporarily, but this works faster and longer & is SO much better for my body. I take it two days before my period and the first couple days as needed. I LOVE IT. I've recommended it to all my ladies!

  • Pelvic Power Tincture

    Posted by Antoinette

    I have Uterine Prolapse, Pelvic Power really helps with my prolapse. I take it 3 times a day and it really makes a huge difference. Thank you Gloria for making these amazing tinctures!

  • In The Mood Herbal Tincture

    Posted by Antoinette

    I just started using “In The Mood” and I love it! I feel it gives me that extra boost in all the right places!

  • Mystic Moon Tincture

    Posted by Aisha

    Looking forward to receiving my Mystic Moon Tonic. The best product ever for keeping my menstrual cycle regulated.

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